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Bespin Jedi
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"Skywalker"-style Bespin Fatigues

This is a custom-made costume similar to the khaki colored fatigues Luke Skywalker wore in "The Empire Strikes Back" on Cloud City (Bespin).

Using some photo references, the 12" Luke action-figure, and my son's Star Wars Fan Club fatigue jacket as a guide, this costume was realized through the fine work of my Mom, Norma (Thanks, Mom!). The lightsaber effects are done in Adobe Photoshop 6.

Click on any of the thumbnails below to see a larger image.

BespinFatigues1-vi.jpg (29399 bytes) BespinFatigues2-vi.jpg (29252 bytes) BespinFatigues3-vi.jpg (28550 bytes)

BespinFatigues8-vi.jpg (70091 bytes) BespinFatigues5-vi.jpg (29959 bytes) BespinFatigues9-vi.jpg (54266 bytes)

bespin2.jpg (49460 bytes) bespin1.jpg (51746 bytes) bespin3.jpg (55406 bytes)


(Luke's fatigue outfit as seen in SW: ESB)